Pellet Mill Spare Parts

What We Do

Azeus pellet mill is the leader in power saving, maintenance and efficiency for pelleting biomass and feed. Developed from a design concept proven worldwide, the range of Pellet Mills continues to expand. We own a large scale workshop for the production of machines as well as the most advanced ring die vacuum quenching furnace equipments. Our Research and Development Department has been engaged in designing flat die, ring die, roller shell and other pellet mill spare parts for many main brands Pellet Machine Manufacturers.

Flat Die

Flat die is a key part of Flat Die Pellet Mill. Flat die pellet mill depends on flat die to produce pellets from various raw materials. But different raw materials and different pellet types need flat dies with different compression ratio. As an experienced designer and manufacturer of flat die, we have calculated the best compression ratio for different raw materials. If you want to make quality pellets, just tell us your raw material and the pellet size, we can make the most suitable flat die for you!

Ring Die

Ring die is the crucial part of Ring Die Pellet Mill. The quality of ring die plays an important role in making quality pellets, high output and low maintenance cost. Thus choose a reliable ring die manufacturer who can supply top quality ring dies is crucial. Here you find us! Our ring dies are made of high-quality alloy steel or stainless steel. Wood pellets ring die is made of 40Cr and the life time can be up to 2000tons; feed pellet ring die is made of 4Cr13 and the lifespan can reach to 10000 tons.

Roller Shell

Roller shell is the surface of roller assembly where raw materials are pressed against the die. There are many types of roller shell, but corrugated roller shell and dimpled roller shell are the mostly used types in both feed pellets plant and biomass pelleting industry. Our factory uses good quality bearing steel, alloy steel or carbon steel to make roller shell. The hardness reaches at HRC58-62, the depth of hardness is more than 6mm for bearing steel and carbon steel, 1.0mm-1.2mm for alloy steel.

For pellet mill manufacturers. There are many aspects that affect the pellet mill quality, pellet mill spare parts can not be ignored. If you have any questions on how to purchase suitable flat die, ring die, roller shell or any other pellet mill parts to match with you pellet machine main body, do not hesitate to tell us, R&D department can design the most suitable pellet mill parts for your pelleting machines and our skilled work staff can produce the best wearing parts for you in large quantity. For pellets manufacturers. Each pellets producer seeks for ways to minimize the production cost and maximize the output of pellet plant. The proper operation of pellet mill and the good maintenance of pellet mill parts are the best way. If any questions about how to maintain or replace flat die, ring die, roller shell, how to improve pellet mill functions, etc. please do contact us. We are glad to help you. We have established long-term business relationship with many pellet mill brands all over the world, so believe in our quality!